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Juliana Vargas
Editor-Sisters of the Page

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Seduction of Me by Juliana Vargas

"Good sex starts in the head and not in the bed."

She said this as she grasped me in the palm of her tiny child-like hand.

The sex was definitely starting there.

I could feel the blood rush from my brain.

Something akin to bathwater down the drain.

Grasping her tiny hips, I rolled her to her back,

Yet never loosening her grip, she used her other hand to

give my ass a resounding smack.

I had allowed this temptress, this cyber goddess

to overrun my days.

With her wanton ways, she kept me in a perpetual state

of turmoil and arousal.

It wasn't love, yet somehow

I loved her.

Perhaps it was the feel of her small, firm breasts .

Pressed into my chest, they burned a hole through

to my heart.

I said silent prayers every day,

wishing away

the hours till I could hold her again

The love we made was hate.

Passion this fierce could be nothing less,


it really was love.

Burning more fiercly than the kind that poets write of,

a flesh and bone eating desire

She set my nerve-endings on fire.

Then all at once

she was gone.

Forever gone.

And my passion lived on

like a gut-wrenching disease.

She never said good-bye.

But again, she had never said hi.

Just sauntered into my life

Overran my limbs,

my bed.

Crawled into my head.

And now she is hostage there,

a prisoner.

And yet, I am the one who is forever captive.

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