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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

From Sisters of the Page, to all of our friends, contributors, and followers, we wish you a Happy New Year. Stay creative!

Sisters of the Page

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Life in the past lane by Juliana Vargas

I live my life in the past lane. Watching other lives pass me by. Speeding off to more important things like soccer games, a night on the town, maybe a trip to the coast.

I used to be brave enough to go with the flow, going only slow enough to enjoy the breeze, the sun and the scenery of each glorious day.

I don't recall when I pulled to the side, to let life pass me by.

I find myself trapped in this slow moving traffic, stifled by car loads of sorry events, promises never kept, and too many tears wept.

I think its time to turn on my signal and pick up my speed now. If I spend too 
many more of my days looking in the rear view mirror, who knows what openings I may miss.

De-composition by Juliana Vargas

I am an untitled composition
Story incomplete
Words not yet sorted

Into coherent sentences

Underline my faults
highlighting my metaphors
my similes

My literary devices

And define the meaning
in my every verb
Create nouns that are meant
only to describe ME

Italicize my emotions
Capitalize my strengths
All CAPS please
It drives the point home

Use every single descriptive phrase
to outline the shape of my

In the end
don't title me
just let the words
speak for themselves