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Juliana Vargas
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Screams by Juliana Vargas (First posted on Myspace Blog March 2008)


Piercing the darkness of night

They wake me from my sleep

Like only the darkest night terrors can

I pinch myself and hide under my bed

Sliding on the wooden boards

I sit in your sunny kitchen and recount the memories

You pat my hand and pass me the sugar

Trying to make my bitter memories go down a little easier

"It never happened"

"You always did suffer from terrible nightmares"

You smile

But your eyes are dead

Shattered windows

On the soul that I hope will burn in hell

They tell the truths of our life together

You with your uncontrollable rage

Me with my uncontrollable anxiety

I wrung my hands

When what I really wanted

Was to your wring the truth from your wretched throat

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